What's your favorite font?

posted by Kris (with a "k") 220px-CorbelSpec.svg

As someone who spends a good portion of their day writing, I've come to have strong preferences for the font type I'm staring out. I never really understood people who were into typography until now. It may sound strange, but if the font I'm using doesn't match my mood then I'm not a happy writer. Well it's not that bad, but there are certainly fonts I can tolerate and others I can't.

And then there are others that just seem to invite words to come forth. Those are the ones I like to use.

A new favorite of mine is Corbel. I love it. It's funny to try and find the words to describe why. It's not everyday you try to describe a font. Spacy. Transparent. All I need and nothing more. Simple. Inviting. Not cluttered, not squished. Just right. No showy serifs, just the right amount of curves to make out the letter with a little splash.

If you're into fonts or think I'm weird, you should check out this documentary: Helvetica. I watched it a while back and found it really interesting and educational.


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