Your two cents: What's holiness mean, after all?


By Kris (with a "K") So I've been curious about this word "holiness" for quite some time now. Ever since I listened to "No one holy" by Gentry back in 2010, it got me thinking about what we mean when we say things like God is holy, or we're holy because he's holy—or for that matter, the ground is holy.

In the big picture I'm more interested in what the Hebrew word is that often get's translated this (קדשׁ), but at the moment, I'm super keen to find out what you all think "holiness" means.

Define HOLINESS in your own words.

I've already asked this on twitter, but only had one brave soul answer. I hope here, there'll be more. For this scenario, there's no wrong answer! I'd just like to get gut-instinct feedback.

Thanks OSS readers!