Back in business (in more ways than one)


Well, I realize Chris and I may have been a bit ambitious when we changed the tagline to "Your weekly linguistic digest." And to be fair, I'm the one to blame for this—it was my idea. I thought that surely with two people blogging this would be a cinch. Ha. Little did I know I'd be moving to a new state for a new job. But hey, I'm doing what I love now. Basically I'm getting paid to do what I was doing part-time for fun on this blog. I'm helping the Discourse Team at Logos Bible Software write handbooks that are designed to help those interested in the New Testament understand the different types of discourse features that have been marked up in resources like the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament or the Lexham High Definition New Testament (ESV).

It's kinda like a back-stage pass to the why certain stuff was marked up and what implications these features have. So yes, this is a dream package for me. I love learning about how language works, and especially when it happens to carry exegetical impact. And on top of this, I love trying to explain technical stuff to the average reader. I'm not saying I'm great at this, but I remember how hard it was grappling with some of this stuff when I first started, and having honest dialogues with people that didn't have an ego was just an amazing privilege. So that's kinda how I see my new job: I get to help make sense of technical linguistic stuff in (almost) everyday-lay lingo.

All that to say, sorry for the silence here. 1600 miles later (as the crow flies, I wish I could've taken this path) things are starting to quiet down, so I plan on continuing to let this be an outlet where we can wrestle together on things linguistic and biblical. I know Chris feels bad too for being quiet, but we're both going to try to blab more—we promise.