Afraid to make mistakes... ?


I think a lot of times we feel afraid to make mistakes. This obviously inhibits our learning and creates a false sense of security. I hope that in the way we write on this blog that you don't get the sense we're afraid to make mistakess. We certainly don't want to create that type of atmosphere, that prohibits questions honesty.

I feel like I'm always asking dumb questions to my smarter friends, but they love me so I don't care (too much) to look stupid for a moment. And I hope after watching this TED talk from a 10 year old that you'll feel more free to engage, fall on your face, and have a greater desire to do what you love.


Oh! And I forgot to add this (probably more stunning) TED talk by Ken Robinson that he references about how schools kill creativity. I think it was the most watched talk that year, so you should definitely check it out if you haven't seen it already.