"Ain't nobody got time for dat!" in the Bible? O Lord, Jesus...


O my word, I laugh every time  I watch this. I really hope you've seen this by now. If not, take a minute and watch—then watch the music video.


You may be wondering why I mention this on a blog about the Biblical Languages. Let me tell you.

Just tonight, as I was sitting down to eat with Jayna, I said "Ain't nobody got time for dat!" in reference to, I don't even remember now. But I can assure you, it was funny. The point being, is that this little phrase has now coerced it's way into our vernacular (i.e. everyday speech) in a matter of days! Much like "That's what she said".


So I wonder, how there any one-liner-comic-idioms in the Hebrew Bible or Greek New Testament that we totally miss out on? If so, what are they? Any ideas? I'm really curious to hear your feedback...

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